Virtual CIO

The role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) is now more critical than ever before, but, hiring a full-time CIO can be costly. As a technology leader, we bring qualifications, mature and robust experience and the insight to align digital innovations with business operations and strategy to deliver the I.T service objectives vital for both day-to-day and long-term success. Engaging our team as a virtual CIO can be a cost-effective alternative.

Three vCIO Options:


On-call Business Advisor, providing advice, guidance and decision-support around specific challenges to achieve the best outcome. Attending regular board meeting, advising I.T teams, review Vendor performance and project governance sessions.


Ad-Hoc Consultant, consulting around specific problems, and input into strategy. Strategy consulting, directing I.T project delivery, and, managing the design, sourcing and selection of new systems.


Part-time I.T Executive, and boardroom advisor. Leading the I.T operation, developing strategy, I.T service delivery improvement, managing budget, organisation change, staff and Vendor management.

Business & I.T Mentor

Building an online business and establishing a digital eCommerce business can be a challenge. You have an idea for a new business, have built the basis of sustainable business and need to transform with technology innovation, or look to grow your business in the I.T sector, but, need guidance to overcome today’s challenges and seek guidance to build for the future.

Ask any successful I.T professional how they achieved their goals, and it’s more than likely they will tell you the secret was a mentor or coach. You have gained qualifications in I.T and commenced a career and now look to grow your career and take the next step to success. Seeking advice from a seasoned professional who can guide you to achieve your goals.

As a multi-qualified consultant and I.T Executive with over four decades offer, I offer my experience to coach & mentor I.T professionals to develop their career, provide business insight and guidance to start-up technology company owners in developing their business, and provide advice to business owners to understand technology innovations and emerging online business systems.

A great mentor has your back and can keep you on track with a strategy to succeed, while wisely responding to both your dreams and fears.

Consulting Services

Managing Digital

Managing innovation and leading Digital Transformation requires touch-points across business departments. Our team will work closely with all stakeholders to develop requirements and organise design efforts.

Digital Assessment & I.T Audit

Sometimes, getting a high-level analysis of your current workflow can be a challenge, or you are having a hard time getting the transformation project approved.

Digital Strategy & I.T Roadmap

You know your business would benefit from Digital Innovation, but don’t know where to start.

System Procurement & Vendor Management

In today’s business environment, upgrading existing systems, migrating to the cloud or engaging a managed service partner, it is essential to adopt procurement ‘best practice principles & framework’.

I.T Service

Improving I.T service management comes with having the skilled and trained people, and, an industry recognised set of policies, processes and procedures for managing I.T operations and the support of customer-oriented I.T services.

Project Governance & Delivery

Let our team manage the project process, and give back valuable hours to your in-house team. With Project Governance services, we will maintain the operation and organisation of our work together.

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