The Benefit of a Virtual CIO

In this briefing paper, we look at the rise and evolution of the Virtual CIO, and, how organisations can benefit from a vCIO in a post-COVID-19 world.

A vCIO is an experienced I.T executive and consultant. As a technology leader, they bring qualifications, mature and robust experience and the insight to align digital innovations with business operations and strategy.

The vCIO is a trusted advisor, strategic I.T executive, digital innovator, mentor, and capable in matching your business needs and innovation crucial for today’s competitive landscape.

Reducing the cost of hiring a full-time CIO, engaging a virtual CIO can be a cost-effective alternative, and provide the critical expertise to deliver the I.T service objectives vital for both day-to-day and long-term success.

Strategy Planning & Technology Roadmap

The main benefit of a vCIO is their ability to develop a quality plan balanced between business-usual and the strategic vision & objectives that deliver enhanced I.T services and respond to digital innovation.

Digital innovation & Transformation

Future I.T leaders will need to know how to adopt emerging technology innovation, and, remove barriers to implement change, mentor culture enablers, design new operating models and be competent at managing organisational transformation.

Assessment Review & Design

An Assessment Review & I.T Audit will provide an understanding of the health of the organisations I.T operation & systems, and, define the risks and business case feasibility. And Identify the requirements and design for upgrading existing systems and improving I.T service.

Governance & Service Improvement

Boardroom monitoring of I.T operations, and, the need to make the right decisions require an ‘industry standard’ framework of policies, processes & procedures for I.T projects; customer-oriented I.T services, and, KPI’s.

Vendor Management & I.T Procurement

Outsourcing I.T services can be a cost-effective alternative; however, managing service agreements is a skill for an experienced consultant with expertise in the strategic management of procuring I.T services, Vendors performance, and managing I.T expenditure and contracts. 

Three Customised vCIO Solution 

Advisor On-call to provide pay-as-you-go advice, guidance, and decision-support around specific challenges to achieve the best outcome. And attending regular board,   leadership team meetings, Vendor, and project governance sessions.

Consultant Ad-Hoc consulting on a defined scope of work, around specific problems, and input into strategy. And directing I.T project delivery, and, managing the design, sourcing, and selection of new systems.

Executive Part-time I.T Executive engaged on a fixed fee, leading the I.T Operation, strategy,   service delivery, I.T improvement, budget, organisation change, staff, and   Vendor management.

About Author

David Wood as the managing consultant has over four decades of experience and a background as an Accountant, Senior Manager in the I.T sector and the Dotcom era; and a season Digital \ I.T Consultant with a high level of accomplishment across various industries, sectors and technical environments.

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